Valentino Doing it Again and Again and Again and Again…

Do you ever find pictures of shoes just sitting on your desktop? Probably not because most people are a bit more sane when it comes to footwear than I am. I found these hidden on mine in the top corner and must of been there so long that I had completely forgot about them as it took a moment to figure it out. These mesh Valentino slingback pumps blow my mind. You can never have too many pairs of black shoes, they are too basic and important to just have one pair- the same way everyone needs to have more than one pair of jeans or white t shirt. It’s just how it goes. These caught my eye, (however long ago now… geez) because they were a black pump but spruced up. Did the whole, make-me-look-twice thing like those Stella McCartney “Booties” from back in the day. They’re flashy enough to be dressy as hell, and simple enough just to wear with the many pairs of your jeans and white t shirts. Valentino always blows my mind with everything the house makes. Shoes especially. Want some proof?


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