Happy Mothers Day from Talktomyshoes

One of my favourite pictures. This is my Mom and I on probably what was the coldest day of my life- taken while dog sledding in the Rockies (in -25C sans windchill) was still a great, fun idea. Despite the early onset of frostbite, she looks great, rocking her Oakleys like a pro.

My Mom is is pretty flippin’ awesome. I mean obviously as I have to get it from somewhere. She’s clever and a great listener. Sometimes pretty giggly and a talented musician. She REALLY likes the colour navy blue, I’m not sure why but that is OK, navy is versatille. My Mom is really patient and understanding (understanding of the fact that Michael Kors is a necessity). She has a great and developing shoe collection and isn’t afraid to ask the girls at Lancome for bags of free stuff. Her skin is so soft and clear, strangers compliment her off the street, I’m not even joking. Sometimes when we go shopping, we buy matching shoes and bags, because we know it is OK to do so. We’re cute like that and we’re a pretty good team. My Mom is easily one of the most amazing people on the face of the planet. We’re talking up there with the Pope, Kate Middleton and Tom Ford. My Mom isn’t just a mother, she’s one of my best friends. I think you all should be jealous.


2 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day from Talktomyshoes

  1. I think you have some beautiful feelings toward your mum and it’s great, your mum is the most special and loved person and I like it so much because that’s count idem for me and my mum !!!

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