Five Favourites (April 22-28/12)

This morning I tried making chocolate covered strawberries for the first time EVER. I am so excited as they are delicious and look amazing!





I also gave making these cute cute cute panda bear (did you know that pandas are actually not bears but are more closely related to the raccoon?) cupcakes. Ok so mine don’t look quite as amazingly wonderful as Bakerellas but they still look cute and have Oreo cookie treats inside!




I just had a complete spaz attack on their website. I want to kick and scream and throw a tantrum like I did in liquidation world when I was a toddler (sorry Dad). It was just that amazing. I am inspired so you should stay tuned!

It was a draw between posting these shoes or a Savage Garden music video. Though I’m sure a little SG would be appreciated by some, I feel that a classic black pigalle Louboutin would be appreciated by all. You can’t go wrong with the basics. If I were wearing these right now I’d feel like I could take over the world.




Bahahahahahaha YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!



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