Calgary Shopping 3/12: Final Roundup

A month later, the final purchase and last post of what went down out west over my March break. My trip home is never really complete without the purchase of a new pair of boots and there is no other place to find the perfect quirky cowboy boots than Calgary (or Turkey apparently but thats not quite as convenient for me…)

I tell you now that this picture does the boot no justice. A deep fire red cowboy boot with black and white embroidery is truly a no brainer for me. I’m a definite fan of western wear, not only because I’m a true Calgarian. Creating a product that looks better as it wears always amazes me. The more you wear, the more perfect your craft becomes. Leather boots, leather bags- leather anything really. Not only with boots the better they look, but nothing, and I repeat -nothing- is more comfy than a well broken-in pair of cowboy boots.  I grabbed these puppies up from Arnold Churgin’s, my all time favourite shoe stop in Cowtown. New for Spring, I definitely snagged the first pair to be sold.

ps- its been raining non-stop here. Did I mention how perfect cowboy boots are when its gross outside? I am so sick of Wellies. What constitutes of the perfect rainy day shoe for you?


6 thoughts on “Calgary Shopping 3/12: Final Roundup

  1. Awesome boots, you really are a true Calgarian! I guess now that Ottawa is out of hockey we can both sit back and think about shoes and fashion. Just got back from our favorite place…SFP. This was my last trip till November so I splurged again. Tory Burch Eddie black patent flats

    And a pair of bleach tumbled leather Tory Burch Kendrick loafers

    Have a great day

    • Oh I just LOVE those loafers- they are so incredibly summery! So happy for you!
      I’m hoping to make a trip down to Scottsdale this June, for some insane reason I am in love with being in sweltering heat and working on my sunburn.
      Thanks for coming by, it was good to hear from you!!

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