Five Favourites (April 15-21/12)

I LOVE Moroccan Oil and I’m not just saying it. Its one of those few products that I absolutely CANNOT live without. I’m generally pretty hard on my hair with colour, washing, drying and curling or straightening so I try to be careful with the products that I use and aim for only the best. Well Moroccan Oil, I swear is truly the best. This hair mask in particular has been known to be my saviour. Infusing the hair follicle with vitamins and protein, the mask hydrates and restores the hair greatly in minimal uses. Just slather on for 5-7 minutes and feel much better about the state of your hair again. I’m certain that it mends split ends- its that good really. If it were possible I’d invite you all to reach through your screen to my end of this post and let you check out my beautifully soft and nourished locks yourself. But seeing as you can’t, you’ll just have to take my word. Moroccan Oil (all the products really) isn’t just a “Five Favourite” it is perhaps THE favourite.

This picture. I honestly JUST found it and knew that it had to be on the list for the week. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I’m not just passionate about shoes, but about music as well. I am one of few left, a rare breed in this day, that loveloveloves classical music and its history. Nerdy I know but I don’t care. Franz Liszt over Franz Ferdinand ANY day.

Yves Saint Laurent Cardinal High Heel Mocassin in pedal pink with gold hardware.


Enough said.





Whats on my nails RIGHT NOW?!?! THESE! Amazing! Trend Tips for Sephora by OPI. Once upon a time I tried out nail stickers and they were a complete disappointing disaster. About a year later I picked up these beautiful feather lacquer strips and feel like my life has changed- or just the life of my nails for the next 10 days or so. They are so easy to stick on and look great. This is my first success with such a product so I’ll have to let you know how long they actually last but so far (the last half hour or so as I just stuck ’em on) so good!

CASEY!!!!!!!!!!!! Woof woof woof!


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