Chocolate Milk Slippers

*sitting in a circle with a dozen small children after singing some silly ditty*…

Student: “Ms. H…..”

Me: “Yes…..?”

Student: “I umm well I um.. I just, I, I, I just”

Me: “….”

Student: “I just really love your chocolate milk slippers today!”

Rochas from Nine West (aka my chocolate milk slippers). I think my youngest students described one of my favourite purchases from Calgary the best. There is no other explanation. Chocolate milk shoes- the exact colour, and makes me just as, if not more happy than the beverage.


5 thoughts on “Chocolate Milk Slippers

  1. Those heels are awesome, chocolate milk for sure…and good for you, haha. Don’t want to rub it in but guess where I am. Yup SFP shopping again till Saturday. Have a great day and thanks for sharing

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