On the Ball: Lana Wedge Sneakers at Nine West

Wedge sneakers are all the hype lately. I was a little skeptical at first, but after much brooding, I have decided that yes, they are indeed pretty badass. I’ve been hesitant in trying them as my style has been a little more GG than ghetto as of late but I think that rocking a pair is going to be an option for me. Remember that wicked pair of Isabel Marant ones that I posted here, the ones that really kicked off the sneak/wedge madness? Well if you can’t afford a pair by IM or can’t be damned to drop the bills on it, Nine West has managed to design a pretty decent pair- not quite as cool but still gets the point across. The Lana wedge sneaker new at Nine West, lets mix things up.


4 thoughts on “On the Ball: Lana Wedge Sneakers at Nine West

    • I’m still a little on the fence about them. I keep thinking ‘no’ as I only wear sneakers when I’m working out, but then I see a picture or get an idea of how to style them and want to change my mind… and then I see someone wearing sneakers on the street and change my mind back again =P
      I think I just need to try them to know for sure.

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