Five Favourites (April 1-7/12)

I went through The Song of Achilles way too quickly. We’re talking about reading it in 3 sittings (with my busy schedule) This is my latest read: The Far Side of the Sky by Daniel Kalla.

I’m branching out as Shanghai in WW2 is generally not a huge point of interest of mine, but for some reason I was incredibly drawn to the book in Chapters last week. I put it on by book list and eventually picked it up.



Scalloped edges. I’ve seen it before, most recently on a fuchsia pair of pumps at Nine West. I really like how it is done on this particular pair.

ps- apologies for not cropping out more of the models legs. They look a little gross.





These cute little spring snackies made by my friends down in Kindergarten. Perfect to have a pot of growing carrots waiting on my desk after a rather taxing Phys. ed class.

Paper cup full of hummus in a bity-size planting pot. Carrots with added parsley.




Speaking of food, I’m trying to find other ways to tend to my sweet-tooth. Lately dried pineapple has been my favourite go-to snack.




I spent quite a bit of time last week listening to old lectures of Glenn Gould. Glenn Gould on Bach, on Beethoven, on recreating score, on interpreting score, on original intention of the composer, on Bach again, on himself, on on on.

Glenn Gould *le sigh*

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