Five Favourites (March 25-31/12)

Judging by the way I’ve been feeling over the past few days, I really ought to have “tylenol, vitamin c, naps, more tylenol and neo-citran” as my five favourites for this week. But as it is Spring, and I am desperately trying to cheer myself through a bout of the flu, I better share all the positive from this week instead.

These stunning Pigalle 120mm by Christian Louboutin are clearly a no-brainer into making me feel a little better. The matter of being able to breath through my face wouldn’t be nearly as important if I could be wearing these pumps with my pyjamas. I’ve never really seen a stiletto that I thought I could sleep in until now. I love the colour, how friendly and Easter-y they are.


This silk blouse from BCBG MaxAzria in Liberty Print was a gift from my Mom when I was back West visiting. It is so light and sheer. The colours pop and it pairs well with everything. Instantly stylish- kind of idiot proof in a way. Lovelove. Love. LOVE.



I. Am. Obsessed. All. Over. Again.

Its totally silly of me as I can quote the entire thing and play each note nearly by memory. I watched the movie last night. Immediately after I sat down to play all the music. I couldn’t sleep last night because I had “the Point of No Return” stuck in my head. This morning I cranked the soundtrack. My poor neighbours, right? Whatever. I wish this shit was real. ps- if I was Christine, I totally would have picked the Phantom. Chicks dig scars.

New book that I just started reading last night. I’m about 50 pages in and am having great difficulty putting it down (except when I went on that crazy Phantom kick). Using the story of the Iliad as the scaffold to the story, The Song of Achilles is the story of Achilles in a way I haven’t seen before. Madeline Miller is a master of her craft, her research and knowledge of the topic supports the plot, rather than poking through. I am totally excited for the next 300andsome pages I have left.



I was looking for this colour, Westbourne-grove everywhere in Calgary and just couldn’t find it. I finally was able to pick it up the other day and could not be more excited. As ironic as it is, I am not really an orange person, and I’m not really a yellow person either- save the rare exception of my Layton bag I’ve yet to show, but the current shade of my toes are making me really happy. In all honestly, I was prepared not to sleep until I found this colour. I grabbed the polish and could not sleep anyway.


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