Calgary Shopping Roundup Part 1: Beauty Products

As it is quite obvious, I did more than my fair share of shopping out west. I announced it plenty of times and already have shared a few visa card accidents (but really, there is no way that I could have denied myself from that python romper!) While the clothing and the shoes were out of control and typical of myself, something that even surprised me as I pack, is the amount of extra beauty products I seemed to round up within 8 days. So now, I present to you, some of my top picks and beauty highlights from a Cowtown shopping extravaganza.

Spring is here! Or, it was in Ottawa and now it kind of packed itself away again. Regardless, I promise myself and those poor people on the street that I will not celebrate with completely white legs. I’ve been using Clinique self sun for a few seasons now and it has turned into my favourite not-so-secret trick for avoiding blinding strangers with my porcelain legs. Its natural looking (the oompa-loompa look isn’t really my schtick), shows where it goes and no streaky streaks! Epic win.

I picked up a crapload at Mac. Big surprise? Not really. I am absolutely enamoured over Sheen Supreme Lipglass. I picked up two, one in a nice pinky pinkish pink and this one here in Imperial Red (a bright rose with pearl). As mentioned before, this Spring and Summer, I am all about the bright bright lips.

When my Mom goes to the Lancome counter, she is perhaps worse than I am at Mac. But we’ll allow this phenomenon for a few reasons: a) she deserves it b) she can c) I usually end up getting a crapload of free shit. Which was the case a few weeks ago. And hey, Lancome, I’m an admirer and I shall not complain. This Genifique stuff is a great safe guard against the first signs of ageing. Very light, throw it on morning and night and your face will be looking like a baby’s bum in no time. But not actually because that’d be really messed up.

I’m trying a new mascara from Mac. I’m generally a plushlash kind of girl but this False Lash Extreme Black mascara might be a new winner. I honestly am used to using a chunky brush but am definitely enjoying the flexibility of this one. A light formula that leaves your eyelashes silky. Is it weird if sometimes I touch mine? Haha, I just did after typing that. But really, SO silky smooth.


I am currently 24 years old. Being 30 scares me a little and with this eye cream, I am slowly gaining confidence that over the next 6 years I will come to terms with that particular number. I know it is totally silly, but I feel more prepared having this awesome non sticky, hydrating, nice smelling, goodness of an eye cream. My mom is ** years older than me and has the most amazing skin. I have a tough act to follow.

In the miracle bag of free-shit I was given at the Lancome counter was a sample of their Teint Miracle liquid foundation in a shade (iviore) that for once, PERFECTLY matched my skin tone. I hate to say it, but I think foundation wise I may have to switch over to this stuff. It has that barely there feel (or not feel in this case), is illuminating, hydrating and lordy it matches my colour so well I still am blown away weeks later. I’ve used this little sample every day for the past 3 weeks. New love. Love.


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