Surprise! Sandals: Jimmy Choo Pathos Wedge

We all know that life is full of surprises, of both positive and negative. I’m not often thrown completely off by occurrences in my life, I usually find a way of bracing myself. I’ve seen alot on my mere 24 years on earth and met many interesting people. Most peoples actions don’t phase me and I’d like to think I know my loved ones quite well. However, last week, the sweetest surprise walked through my door and was placed into my hands. A rare moment where I wasn’t sure what to do other than tear up and speak no other words (as I had none) than thankyou. E completely threw me through a loop this Wednesday past.

Upon returning from NYC I noticed that he had gone to the “@” store. Do you know the famous bag I’m talking about? I thought I had a notion but was unsure as to whether I dare speak Saks or not. Looking into the bag my heart stopped as I immediately recognized the meaning of that lovely cream box. I had no need to see the glimmering font on the lid. I was well aware, though prepared to accept being fooled completely, that Choos were in question.

I won’t drag on those heart pounding, shaking moments of removing the lid and tissue, the scent of the leather, but I will tell you about whats inside. The Jimmy Choo Pathos Wedge Sandal is easily the most beautiful version of the flipflop I’ve ever seen. Coming in a choice of white, brown or mirrored leather with a 7 cm wedge we can’t get more instant style for this season. My mirrored leather pair are completely comfortable- the glory of adding height and saving the balls of your feet. The spunk of a silver sheen and the versatility of a cork wedge is truly too good to be true. I honestly couldn’t have done better if I had picked a pair myself. Jimmy Choo is always a no-fail for me. Most of those who know me, readers included, are aware that I am a huge fan. Think back to a year and a bit ago, the beginnings of talktomyshoes, I once said that “everytime I think I have found the coolest pair of Choos ever, Jimmy Choo comes up with something even more kickass”. This post, this pair: Amen to that.

Thankyou again to E for not just the new footwear, but for taking your time,  stopping by talktomyshoes once in a while, and just plain paying attention. I know that I get totally out of control over shoes and that finding something that is nothing like what I have is a feat in itself. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for it all. Everything. Next time it is NJ devils, butter chicken all the way. ❤


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