Five Favourites (March 18-24/12)

This week my Five Favourites was much more difficult to choose from as it was more like ‘Twenty-Five Favourites’. I’m trying to save most of the loot from Cowtown as their own separate posts but have chose to include a few items this morning regardless. Lets get to it:

I’ve mentioned it before that Aritzia is just a store that fits me. I was shocked that this includes pants, as I find it nearly impossible to find a pair that fit properly. I grabbed two pairs of these Elliot  ankle grazers by T. Babaton, in both this Cafe colour and a beautiful, friendly coral. Side zip, stretchy material comfortable goodness for the work week. Win.




My new Mac lipstick in Bombshell. I think the name explains it perfectly, a bright frost lipstick with gold undertone. For me, bold pink lips is the new red.




I’m a hockey girl and the ridiculousness of this particular fight last week makes me smile pretty hard. Is that right?

On a different note, these amazing and highly coveted book-clutches by Olympia le Tan makes me perhaps just as happy as the above fight. I’ve seen all sorts of covers. Thinking about it, is it a little ironic that the Metamorphosis cover is insanely versatile, season to season?




I’m unsure if it is the man himself or the tie that gets the last spot in my Five Favourites this week.


Legen-wait for it…… dary!


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