Caught in the Trap: Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats, At Last!!

I could not wait to share this with you and cannot believe my day! Shout outs to Noonie for making it even that much better! ❤

My Calgary trip has been awesome so far, and today was beyond exciting. I learned (err, well proved, as I damn well knew) that going down to Holts was a terrible idea. I mentioned to my Mom on the drive home that I felt like I was at Disney World, everything was so magical. One of the best parts, aside from all the ogling and drooling that happened along the way was finally capturing these little friends.

Who remembers these little friends? I certainly haven’t forgotten about them, ever since the first time I laid my eyes on them years and years ago down at Gravity Pope. Well finally, after traveling the continent (technically) I have found them. I scored mine in grey and are cute cute cuteness! I really can’t get over it. I will have to share some a pic with you when I get home to Ottawa and have my camera. My dearest Marc Jacobs, how do I love thee? Let me count thy ways… One dollar, two dollar, three dollar, four… &c.

I am seriously so happy about these I have given myself a headache from smiling.


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