Five Favourites (March 4-10/12)

Calgary has been great so far. Brace yourself for some roundup posts for when I start shopping!!!

Until then, 5 other things that have been making me smile:

Casey, my furriest little friend, and I have been having a great visit. Long naps, long talks, lots of kisses, scratches and one episode with a didgeridoo…




These Claudia suede embroidered pumps are insanely amazing. (Lolz though as my mom just mentioned that they “look like that long thing that was scaring Casey downstairs” … the didgeridoo.) I don’t really see that as I was thinking more magical peacock dipped in butter chicken, but hey, we all have our own views. Regardless of what they make us think of, they lead us to the same place in the end- awesomeness. Brian Atwood does no wrong.




I’m currently focusing on my ARCT in piano…I have given myself 9 months. This mans feelings towards the idea is just as mutual as mine are to him and his music. 4 voiced fugues are the bane of my existence.





I remember ogling this little envelope clutch at BCBG over Christmas holidays. I am really enjoying using it. This picture really does it no justice. A blue/pink fade python print thats soft to touch. Magnetic closure and a crapload of room inside. Also, it matched my blue Choos perfectly. See you Friday night, clutch!




My choice of literature for the airplane ride out here. So much awesome squished into 300 and some pages. We all know the story, need I say more? (On another note though, I plan on stopping at Chapters this trip, does anyone have any good book suggestions?)


5 thoughts on “Five Favourites (March 4-10/12)

  1. I recently heard an indigenous Australian play the didgeridoo at the opening of an art exhibition of Aboriginal works. He was the best I have ever heard. Brought out the incredible variety of sounds that instrument can produce.

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