Keeping You On Your Toes: Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers

Over the Holidays I read an article on IFB about maximizing your blog time while travelling. Read, research and write as much as you can while stuck in an airport, on a plane, or whatever else you might be traveling by. Despite my lengthy delays at Pearson 3 months ago, I did not do any of these things. Now I’m trying again, delayed at Ottawa Int’l and attempting to pass the time. Thank. God. for free wi-fi.

Photo courtesy of Milan Street Fashion.


I haven’t posted that much about the whirlwind of fashion weeks that have happened as of late, nor have I written much of the street fashion, which is often just as exciting as the shows. Obviously fabulous and trending right now are those wedge sneakers by Isabel Marant. I feel like the name has just been in the air lately- the sneakers, the boots; everyone is really talking about it. I like these because I find them a bit of a fashion challenge. A great pair of kicks, with a hidden wedge. I think they’re a little ballsy in design, when thinking of the description of a sneaker and a heel I automatically brace myself for a disaster waiting to happen. However, I’m delighted to be surprised.

How would you style these?


2 thoughts on “Keeping You On Your Toes: Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers

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