Porky is Pretty: Oscars 2012

I don’t watch the Oscars. I think its nice that there are awards and that people are commended for their hard work and performances but I tend to just google the winners a day or two after the event. I usually haven’t watched half the movies anyway. What I like to pay attention to is the fashion. Obviously, you aren’t surprised. Who is wearing who, where and when what was created. The hits, the misses, and Victoria Beckham posing so hard she’s going to give herself ulcers.

I’m not quite through with checking out all the dresses from last night, but I have to say that there is one woman who I feel stole the show, in a piggish way almost.

 Miss Piggy showed up in a stunning metallic Zac Posen gown that screamed more ‘beautiful’ than ‘bacon’. With lines in the dress, Piggy even showed Jennifer Lopez (why is she invited to these things? I bet she was just “waiting for tonight”) how to do cleavage right. Wearing vintage jewels and her lean and daper arm candy, I really think that Miss Piggy stole the show for the night. Congratulations Piggy for working with the true length of your ears and playing up the size of your eyes instead of your snout. You are an inspiration to all and a reminder that porky is pretty. Love.


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