Five Favourites (February 18-25, 2012)

A really quick five favourites from the week:

A pair of Hello Kitty studs I scored for a whopping $5 earlier this week! I have been rockin’ them nonstop. A bunch of my students ask me why I like Hello Kitty so much, and I tell them, “She’s a do-er!” They look at me funny but I’ll explain more. I want you to think about everything that Hello Kitty has done. She listens to Ipods, can pilot an airplane, parties with her friends, has been in outerspace and is a fashion genius (do you know anyone else who can pull off a strawberry outfit as well as her?) Yes, in my books, Hello Kitty kicks supreme ass, and these earrings do too.

I am Manolo Blahnik crazy. That of course is nothing new based on one of my previous posts but lately I’m interested in designers designing outside of their element. Karl Lagerfeld and Roberto Cavalli both have Coke bottles, and why shouldn’t my beloved MB have one too? I don’t drink Coke but I would just for these bottles. Damn.




The newest to my nail polish collection and proudly my first Essie product. I think there is no turning back from here, I love the polish. Its what I’ve been sporting on my fingers and toes this week and I tell you, Mob Square is just one of those perfect shades of pink. Its bright but not obnoxious, its not chipping, smooth and glossy. Its a new favourite.



My Dad is pretty awesome. I can say I grew up listening to U2 because of him, I remember coming down for breakfast in my jammies, Saturday mornings as a little kid to hear Discotheque and other tracks from U2 Pop playing over the speakers. Now, for an epic project for my students I have found Rattle and Hum to be my muse, my inspiration. My neighbours must hate me, if they have to hear Angel of Harlem one more time….


GOSSIP GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I honestly could include this every week.


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