Ugg! How Long Will This Winter Last?

A few days ago, on one of my favourite blogs “The Sartorialist”, the much adored Scott Schuman shared some pictures that he titled “weekend feet”. There was much discussion about Uggs and the whole slipper/boot fiasco. The following is my two cents on the deal:

“I actually don’t mind the look. I know so many people are against it, but walking around in a Canadian winter wearing stilettos and impractical shoes in snow and black ice is a bigger faux pas than wearing “slippers outdoors”. If the slippers keep my feet warm and dry in -30 and them some, so be it.”

Now yes, this is coming from someone who loves almost all shoes and forms of footwear. Obviously there are alternatives (did I tell you I totally saw someone rocking a pair of legit Moonboots yesterday?) and my pair of real Uggs are more like what would happen of Sorrel was bent over and beaten till it shaped up. However, I can’t lie, I love my Uggs and I don’t really mind the look.  Sure, I’ve heard all sorts of ‘elephant feet’ comments, but really I think girls like them because they give your calves a thinner appearance. What I don’t like though, is when they get sloppy, wet and salt stained. When the heel has been stepped on so many times the boot loses its shape. Thats what I don’t like.

What about you? What is your view? Lets get the conversation going.


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