Five Favourites: February 12-18

I am back on planet Earth and promise to be around much more now! Check out my five favourites from this week past:

I can’t help but be a complete sucker for this trench. Banana Republic is one place that does the trench quite well. I know it is only February but  I am so ready for Spring. I spent the entire morning with the windows wide open, cranking the music and doing laundry for the first time in weeks. I’m tired of being cold and about ready to walk around in the brightest colours, leave my HQ sans hat and mitts and start going barefoot again. I want Spring and I want this trench. It’d go so well with my pink ostrich Hamilton Tote. $215 at Banana Republic, now.

Megan Ingrham did this illustration for a blog I stop by quite regularly- Sea of Shoes, and I just love it. Jane Aldridge is so kickass.







This was my night last night. Okay, Darth Vader was still a 9 year old by played by a terrible actor but I am SO DOWN for pod racing in 3D. Star Wars kicks my ass. I wonder what my midichlorian count is??




My students recently completed an assignment about a poet of their own interest, his/her life/works and all that kind of good sixth grade research type stuff. A handful of my students chose Shel Silverstein- also one of my favourite poets. I always seem to have my nose in this compilation, whether I’m using it for work or my own enjoyment.




More Coco Rocha for Longchamp- because I’m addicted.


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