Five Favourites: February 11/2012

The hugest apologies for becoming completely MIA since Tuesday. I cannot even begin to tell you how insane this past week has been- I have hardly had a moment to touch a computer, nevermind update the blog. My 130some unread updates on Bloglovin’ and 3 full and unread email inboxes prove it.

Anyway, yes it is Saturday and yes it is time for my 5 things… However, this week is a little different. These 5 items aren’t from this week past, but what I’ll be sporting tonight as I hang out, eat fancy food and perhaps say hello to the Governor General. Swanky right? I always enjoy the Guards Ball. Dressing up like a Princess, spending the day getting extra pretty…. And while everyone tonight is wearing long flowing gowns, I prefer to show some leg- and prove that I have the best shoes in the room. Check out my ensemble for this evening:

Not my exact dress but you get the idea. A black single shoulder form fitting cocktail number is surprisingly my dress of choice this year. Mine is from Banana Republic released a few years ago.  Okay, I know its not a ball gown but like I said, I’d much rather show off my shoes. Besides, its not the dress that is going to make the outfit, it is all the little details. This dress is just so I don’t show up naked with a pair of shoes and some jewelry. Regardless, it will be quite Sex and the City- which I can deal with just fine.



Black and gold are my colours for the evening. All of my accessories are from BCBG. I kind of walked into the closest boutique and had a shit fit with my credit card. All for a good cause though, all for a good cause. I absolutely adore these multi teardrop chandelier earrings. I think they scream a little old Hollywood if you ask me.



I absolutely surprised myself with a choice of a cuff. This is a first for me. My magpie-like instincts were going completely haywire as I looked at jewelry. When I tried on this Pave Feather Cuff I felt as if my world would end if I didn’t leave the store as a proud new owner. Can you blame me? I’ll try and get a better picture of it but I think you, readers, get the idea.



The clutch. Gold python embossed leather envelope clutch with magnetic goodness and enough room inside to bring everything with me I possibly could need. I enjoy clutches in interesting shapes but sometimes I find the teeny size such a headache.  Do I risk not bringing lipstick to make extra room? Or what if I want to bring my phone and camera and credit card? Well thank God I can bring it all with me now.

Shoes. The part we’ve all been waiting for. They’re brilliant right? Newly released at BCBG Max Azria. I originally saw a pair of plain black and gold slingbacks that I had absolutely no chance in wearing as the slingback design and I rarely get along. And not to mention that my feet felt completely naked. But these. THESE!!!! Gold, black, PYTHON. F*UCK YEAH! I’m totally going to curbstomp everyones style in these extremely comfortable platform stiletto sandals. Can you tell that I’m excited? Because I am. Do you know how hard it is to find a formal shoe that isn’t completely predictable?

So that is that. My 5 things. Hopefully I’ll get a pic or two to share with you later! As for now, it is about time to start getting pretty.


PS- I’ve noticed an incredible pick up in traffic over the past month or so. A huge THANKYOU to all of my readers. Each time you stop by to visit or comment is hugely appreciated. I started this project for myself nearly a year ago and am so pleased to share with you all of these thoughts and footwear. ❤


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