Five Favourites (January 29-February 4/12)

My five favourites from this week past:

Fanfare lipstick by MAC. By far one of my favourite lipsticks of LIFE. It can easily work with all shades and textures of shadows and really can be pumped up as the main focus of your makeup, or just as an added slight flush to your lip. Fanfare is a coral cremesheen that will probably kick your ass the same way it does mine. Certainly not boring, but not so much that it becomes garish. Win.


I know that I post way too much (if there were such a thing as too much) Jimmy Choo on here, especially within the last couple of posts, but I don’t really care. Yes, these shoes are arriving a little late on the blog but even past cruise collections need their recognition. I love how friendly these JC platform sandals are. Cute tassels included.


At work, blazers are one of my best friends. Usually when I wake up in the morning, I’m not really in the mood to spiff up in thin dresspants then trudge through the snow. Instead I opt for wearing some sort of dark coloured denim and spruce myself up with a snuggly cardigan or rock one of these blazers from Aritzia. It’s effortless, really. I recently picked up this Exeter Shrunken Blazer in heather grey and am loving its versatility. Next step, grab one in black and this lovely navy blue….



Over the holidays, I was lucky enough to receive one of these hand-duo sets from Fruits and Passions. Generally I would never think twice about grabbing something scented with “Zucchini Flower and Truffle” but oh man does it ever kick ass. It’s like I purposefully am walking around my apartment trying to get a little messy so I have an excuse to go use the yummy scented soap and lotion.



My first thought when I saw this picture was “well damnit, why don’t I have enough pairs of red shoes to do THAT?” Yes, I am that silly. Red shoe specific as for some reason my hoards of other pairs “just won’t do” when it comes down to duplicating this photo. Anyway, this is cuteness. It is February, which means cuteness- not that I’m huge into Valentines Day or anything like that, though I enjoy it, I’m not sick over it. However, for  little things like this picture, and planning my PS music class, I find myself getting quite into it. More of that to come later, if you’re lucky.


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