Be Mine: Giambattista Valli(ntine)

As you should be well aware of by now, the person sitting behind the screen typing these words suffers from some sort of sickness that holds an obsession with shopping for shoes. There is no official name given to this illness, and shoeaholic does not quite cut it. Regardless I am currently only knee deep in the situation- though my (6) closets are full, I still have the rest of a large 2 bedroom apartment to fill with footwear, and until that day comes, I will keep saying to myself that I’m not that bad and that its alright.

If I had $700 extra to spare this minute, I’d march out and grab these Giambattista Valli Corello Toecap pumps in pink and gold. It’s such a nice change to see these colours put together in a tasteful way, on a design traditionally found in neutrals.


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