How Do I Love Choo Let Me Count The Ways….

There is no doubt about it, Jimmy Choo SS’12 is going to be the death of me.

This is the kind of shit that keeps me awake at night:

Filipa pearlized leather wallet in coral (also comes in black which is equally as amazing). Not that I am shallow enough to ever believe in any of that zodiac crap, but the decor is pure cuteness. Love.





Gwen- luxurious woven metallic leather. Such a lady-like purse. So versatile. This would come with me to work, for lunch, in the sun, out on dates… it would hold pop tarts when I watch E on parade and carry an array of my summery MAC lipglosses. And, it would compliment my MK PAlm Beach wedges in gold perfectly. Le sigh.



Reed can serve as a clutch, makeup bag, travel accessory, anything really. I am easily smitten over anything bronze so this naturally sucks me in. Lets also notice the great hardware as well.





And this is what started it all… the Rosalie. For me this bag is like those really pretty girls that make me roll my eyes because they are so pretty and perfect but I actually honestly absolutely admire. It’s almost mean to be this perfect. It’s like bragging because you are tall or naturally have perfect hair. You can’t help it, you were just born that way, and the same goes for this bag. This purse can’t help that it is beautiful. The pink coral just makes it that by default. The JC goodness makes it that by default. I am really smitten over this bag to the point my tummy is beginning to churn. I have butterflies over this bag.


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