Chanel Spring ’12 Couture

I don’t have to sit here and type about my love for Karl Lagerfeld as I have done that many times before. I think I hardly have to sit here and type how much I loved Chanel Spring ’12 couture. I enjoyed the crisp clean lines, the shape of each garment, material, colour, you name it, I loved it. Yes, this is partially a result as the Lagerfeld-default-bias-complex I hold, but mostly because I found it as enjoyable as I say.

Season after season, show after show, the man finds a way to create classic Chanel, always with a little twist. Look at the clothing, it is impossible to stick another name to the creation. Isn’t it amazing how one season high waists and the next season dropped, can all be claimed and defined under a single name? It really blows me away. How refreshing, how accomplished. Right? Right.

So often you view a runway show- err, any show for that matter, and the models look so uncomfortable. I especially find this in haute couture. Clothing as art often looks about as comfortable as having to pee outside in -45 C (yes I’ve done it. Dog sledding… thats all I’ll say).  Now thats not to say that it doesn’t look stunningly beautiful. Anyway, comfort, yes. What Chanel produced this season is flattering and comfortable, cozy even. The ‘craziness’ that is found so much in these shows was saved for accessories. I really hope that troll-like hair isn’t becoming a trend anytime soon- far too much hair spray and my head would just feel so heavy. And even that isn’t that bad.

As for the shoes…. we’ll get on them soon!! They deserve their own post.



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