Five Favourites (January 22-28/12)

This past week has been so hectic and I feel as if I have hardly touched this blog, however, after taking a quick look at my stats and posts I’m not doing nearly as shabby as I thought I was. The days from the 22nd-28th of this month were filled with sleep deprivation, sale Louboutins and copious amounts of piano practicing… Check out what has been making me smile this week:

Cookies and Creme cupcakes! Perhaps my favourite thing to bake as of late and my favourite thing to clog my arteries with. I always make some sort of little variation each time these are tossed into the oven but check out the recipe that I use here.


Whether its his own label or Louis Vuitton I am loving everything by this man. I know I don’t say it that often on here but Marc Jacobs is such an easily loved designer and one of my favourites- I admire his work so much. This picture makes me giggle probably just as much as those mouse flats- which I am still hunting for. Anyone want to help?





One of my favourite blogs that I follow is Wendy’s Lookbook. She has style that screams perfection, even in boycut jeans. What she has to say is just as interesting as her outfits, her collection of Louboutins and YSL makes me teary and she is so down to earth, even in Chanel, that I feel welcome at her blog and appreciated as a reader. Wendy’s Lookbook is  writing with humility and honesty in high fashion.



When it comes to my face (ahaha I just wrote that!) I swear by the Bodyshop. Sure I use a Mac or Lancome product or two, but as far as giving my face a scrub, this is one of my favourites. The Bodyshop changed their Vitamin C line a few years ago so this microdermabrasion isn’t quite the same as what it used to be, but regardless I still enjoy it. Imagine taking something as rough as sandpaper and as sweet as an orange to your face, because that is basically what it is. Radiant amazingness.

I used to spend hours upon hours of my day sitting at the piano, ruining my back (ruining my Bach… bahahaha!) and killing my hands over Liszt. Now I sit and practice the accompaniment for my music classes. Though I enjoy what I do, I sometimes miss the days of endless hours of Schubert, the frustration of Rachmaninov, and beginning my practice sessions at 1am. I think what I need to up my spirits is this Roger Williams Gold piano by Steinway & Sons. Built in honour of the artists 80th birthday I’m sure learning the accompaniment to “My Caterpillar” for Kiwanis this year wouldn’t be so bad. And also, how great is the stand?? Cuteness!


3 thoughts on “Five Favourites (January 22-28/12)

  1. I love this! haha so sweet and short, but I feel like I learned lots of things already. Those cookies and cream cupcakes look sooo good. and I’ve never heard of that face scrub! thanks for sharing 🙂
    I LOVE wendys lookbook too! one of my favs as well 🙂

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