Connect the Dots: Polkadot Shoes for Spring

Yesterday while out and about I was thrilled to see the beginnings of Spring trickling onto the shelves and racks of stores. While not surprised at the mass amounts of neon the up and coming season will bring, I had to smile a little when I saw the amount of polkadots sprinkled on the shelves.

The thing about polkadots is, yes, I’ve always liked them- my ratty old DC tote proves it, but they actually can be difficult to pull off without looking like a 12 year old, pinup girl, or a 1950’s housewife (unless you are are 50’s housewife but I highly doubt that as you are on the internet right now acting all modern and hip on my blog). Polkadots are a decoration to your ensemble, adding joyousness to even rainy day outfits (I have a polkadot umbrella) that can really make a statement. And now, some of these decked out items that have a chance at being tasteful:

Sunny and friendly at UrbanOutfitters- online only.






Moschino Cheap (not really) and Chic polkadot pumps. I particularly enjoy this pair.







Kate Spade Gemma dotted sandal. I find this shoe the epitome of KS is I may say so myself.







Polkadots at Nine West- predictable but you get the point. It works with near anything.






Jessica Simpson blue spotted heels. I really like the colour scheme of these and for the price I suppose you really can’t go wrong. Also, I like how the spots are off round and the contrast in size between the body of the shoe and the platform/heel.


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