Five Favourites (January 15-21/2012)

Like many things in my life, I’ve been meaning to start this for a while. Tonight when I found out that I have a little extra time before I have to get ready for epic-adventure-datetime with E, I decided that this was the opportune moment to start this new section to my blog. Each Saturday I am going to share with you, friends, 5 things from my life that I am particularly enjoying at the moment. I use the term “things” loosely as I am allowing myself to branch away from shoes (though shoes are likely to turn up in these posts) and offer other things I stumble across that have been making me smile.

Without further adieu, five favourites from this past week:

The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I am very much a bookworm and have been devoured by this work lately. I certainly agree when I hear that this is “could be one of the most important pieces of fiction since To Kill a Mockingbird” A both frustrating and comical read.





Adventures to Stella Luna Cafe on Bank St. (Ottawa). This gelato will kick your ass. This gelato will cause me to purchase larger pants. I never thought I’d enjoy pistachio gelato. E never thought he’d enjoy gelato period. Cafe also serves waffles the size of a rugby ball and is open late so you can get sugared up before your crazy dance party at Barrymore’s.

I have a habit of doing things to nearly destroy my hair. Yet if you’ve ever touched my head (go ahead next time you see me, I’ll let you pet it) is completely amazing. Completely amazing just like this product. Bumble and Bumble Deeep, toss some into your hair, do that pain in the butt wrap-your-hair-in-a-towel-with-product-in-it type thing, eat some cookies while you wait, rinse and voila, your hair is as nice, and as nice smelling as mine.





I am a retardedly huge fan of Dior. I picked up J’adore years ago when it first was getting hot and used my bottle right up. For my birthday last Sunday, the wonderful E surprised me with an epically huge bottle. You could only imagine how excited I was to smell so beautiful all over again!!!





This is what I’m rockin’ on my nails right now. Nails inc. London the Donmar collection. Two polishes that will basically bend you over and kick your ass. Chelsea, a plum black shade with ‘the Donmar’ on top- a topcoat plugged with holographic flecs. I was spoiled at Christmas and received a giftcard to Sephora where I grabbed this. I’m a big fan of Nails Inc and most definitely recommend this.


3 thoughts on “Five Favourites (January 15-21/2012)

  1. i kid you not i have been meaning to get some Dior perfume! i smelt it in the store randomly and fell in love. no wonder i always think you smell lovely!!!

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