Visionaries: Tom Ford

I’ve been wanting to share this for a while, but every time I think of posting I become so stuck. You see, Tom Ford gets me absolutely tongue-tied! He is easily and by far one of my favourite designers. Smart architect turned Fashion King, responsible for the greatness of Yves Saint Laurent, kicking Gucci’s ass back into gear in the mid 90’s and creating his own label in 2005. The man is a genius and time and time again produces creations that I become absolutely enamoured over. Tom Ford has an eye for classic and is able to produce such things with a thoroughly modern twist. His work is simple, his lines are crisp and meaning in design is completely clear. This is a man that knows how to produce the anomaly that so many fashion lovers strive for- the desire to have each design just as present each season and after it was created.

Ugh, sorry readers, I feel like I am writing some sick ode about TF but I really can’t help it, and I hope you can’t blame me. I recently was watching (and re-watching and re-watching and re-watching) the Tom Ford documentary that was just aired a short while ago. So many of the things he had to say just made sense- and that really isn’t just my huge bias speaking. To be so genuine and comfortable with oneself is certainly something but to get that across on film is another feat. I’m a fan because the man is just that. And hugely creative in design. And has flawless taste. And is undeniably smart (and we all know how much I enjoy smart and smart design). And quite handsome (cheekbones??) Oh god. Shutting up now about my love for all that is the glamour and dare I use the word- perfection, of Tom Ford. But really, watch the documentary, you won’t regret it at all. I am inspired every time.



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