Talktomyshoes: Post Birthday Posting Post

Yesterday was my Birthday! Hell yeah!! It was definitely awesome and exactly what I wanted, filled with new sweaters, meatballs and even a surprise date for late-night gelato (despite the frostbite warnings outside)!! Absolutely amazing, and while I was spoiled to the max yesterday I want to share a present that I have actually been slugging over my shoulder for the past three weeks.

Check out my gift from my totally ass-kicking parents (hai mom, dad!! <3)

I know, right? Pink. Ostrich embossed leather, Hamilton large tote (long awaited), gold hardware, all created by my dear Michael. mmkay? MK! Did I mention the matching jet set wallet? No? Okay, well, the matching jet set wallet made its way into the picture as well. Awesome is an understatement. This is ostrich textured happiness in one of my favourite colours. I wonder if heaven is hot pink and ostrich embossed?

Anyway, this gift is a result of the joys of Scottsdale Fashion Mall. I really could not believe it and still kinda get the giggles whenever I take it out. And just because I tend to take everything to the “nth degree” look what else happened:

You should have seen the smile on my face the other day when I saw a pic from MK (I am dangerously obsessed with Michael Kors. Not in a way that girls own a clutch and say “oh yeah I love MK” but I mean, I have a problem. Sometimes I accidentally turn into a walking ad for the name but I really don’t mean to. It just happens. It’s like when you make a whole entire meal out of Presidents Choice because its good and it works or keep buying red nail polish because 1 shade of red isn’t enough. Does this make sense or am I making bad comparisons? Anyway, you get it. I am a Michael Kors slut) posted, with a model rockin’ my bag and sandals in tangerine. I am going to use that as my insurance that it is alright to match your bag with your shoes once in a while.

Despite the lack of “every day posts” (what a terrible resolution to make. I should have just said ‘to blog more’ but I take everything to the extreme if you haven’t noticed) that I promised in a complete hurry to throw on my boots and hop in the car for the New Year, you can look forward to much to come in the next few weeks at talktomyshoes. I’ve been goin’ a little nuts-o with ideas.

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13 thoughts on “Talktomyshoes: Post Birthday Posting Post

  1. I had to think of you yesterday as I stood in front of the MK store at SFP and looked at the amazing display of resort colours with this bag and sandals in orange, pink and luggage.

    • Ahh!! Love that window display! Do you know if the Chinook location got any of that line?? Ottawa didn’t at all. I’m enjoying waltzing around the city with a bag that nobody else has. Muahahaha!
      I don’t blame you for choosing shoes over golf too- they last longer than 18 holes… Though the courses down there are awesome!

  2. Those bags are AWESOME! You must be in heaven every time you go out. Enjoy it, they make a kind and subtle statement that people will notice.
    I haven’t been to Chinook for awhile, but I must go again soon. Sadly I’ve been in Arizona too much to get to Chinook (what a load of C*#P that is) haha. Arizona shortens the winter

    • They are just as comfy as my Tory Burch flats. The sales girl at Browns Shoes suggested I would need a size 11 but after checking the pink only came up to size 10. She ordered a pair in for me and they seem OK. You should see how much they scrunch up when I take them off, they look like little half moons I really like them but the only thing I’m not sure about them is if I have enough courage to wear them. I might see how they look with dark denim.

      • Courage? You need no courage! Rock the shoes like its nobodies business. Anyone who looks is wishing they were wearing a pair first.
        ps- they would be lovely with some dark denim =) You have inspired my outfit for tonight!

  3. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. You are so sweet. I’ll send you a picture with the dark denim outfit. How did your outfit look last night? Glad I could inspire you.

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