New Year, New Shoes At Charlotte Olympia

I originally went to Charlotte Olympia on the hunt for the above Curlicue platforms (though I originally spotted them in green and white canvas) however, upon arrival I fell much much harder for all of the lovely shoes in teal and gold. A bit more friendly looking, don’t you think?

I saw the Ninivah pumps (also in black and red) and thought “omgggggggggggggggg I need these!” Then I looked at the price tag and figured that despite the sale, I could wait… Though they’d make great birthday shoes. I am just having a fit over the colour combination. It obviously isn’t the first time I’ve ever seen it, but its the way its done. The texture, lines, the whole ensemble. Ohmygod. Really. I LOVE these. Not in the way that everyone, including myself occasionally, overuses the word, but in the way that I actually mean it. I love these the same way Casey loves his new baby sock monkey.

And then, to make matters worse, I saw these boots. Which I also absolutely adore for the same reason as the above shoe. I can hear my moms voice in the back of my head right now “J, you don’t really want these.” Well, I say “Remember the blue cowboy boots?” Ahhhhhh!!! Okay so maybe the Ninivah is a bit easier for everyone to cope with, BUT STILL. Booties! Hey readers, you know what is flippin’ awesome? These Charlotte Olympia’s Oriental Express booties (that also comes in black). Notice the lines cut out around the ankle- so fancy! And the itty bitty tassles on the laces and the sheer awesomeness of what is this boot. I rarely say the words God Damn, but this is one of those instances where I’m going to have to do it, “God Damn”. Can you tell I’m freaking out. Charlotte Olympia FW’11 (because I never checked)…


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