‘S Max Mara SummerCube

After cleaning madly all day, accidentally lighting some garlic bread on fire, and watching “You’ve Got Mail” for the billionth time in a row, I am left with an hour and 7 minutes in the day to fit in a quick blog post- trying to keep up with my new year resolution, you know.

I am a bigbigbigbigbigbig BIG fan of everything Max Mara. A name that I feel is the essence of fine Italian craftsmanship; honing modernity and timelessness in the most perfectly balanced proportion through the use of utterly luxurious materials.

The SummerCube campaign has been quite fun to ogle. It reminds me of icecream: French Vanilla and Maple Walnut jackets popping agains bubblegum and mango flavoured backgrounds… My eyes eat it right up just as I would anything else that sweet. The photography from the campaign (shot by Max Farago) is so simple, so appealing, it makes you stop and just kinda smile. Above is easily my favourite shot. I love how strong the photo is without seeing the models face, the tree branches and leaves purposely blocking her face, an example of truly selling the garment. The anomaly of wearing such a jacket in that much sunshine, and the high contrast between the shadows in the foreground and the brilliant colour in the background… It is a little reminiscent of last S/S colour blocking trend.

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing more of the campaign and checking out ‘S Max Mara click here. I really think you should check it out.


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