Personal Post: An Arizona Christmas Adventure

*Gasp* Getting away from shoes today…

For those of you that actually sit and read the words I type, you would be aware that I spent my first Christmas away from Calgary and instead, landed myself in the desert where I was on the hunt for the Holiday Armadillo. While there was no such luck in finding said Holiday Armadillo, I did find many amusing things and managed to capture a few moments. So now I give you a post where I will stop rambling and instead, share with you some of the ridiculousness that was, my Christmas vacation.


3 thoughts on “Personal Post: An Arizona Christmas Adventure

  1. I like the picture of the patio overlooking the golf course, I can almost feel the warmth from the sun. Looks like you were doing some star gazing with the telescope?

    • I miss the sun so much! It was 25 down there… it is -25 here…
      That is my dads telescope, he loves star gazing and astronomy. He takes some amazing pictures, I should share them on here some time.

      • The sun is warm but the stars are cool. (man does that sound dorky) I’d love to see some astronomy pictures. It’s pretty amazing to think how far away those stars really are. Wow, two posts and I haven’t talked about shoes. (I was still thinking about shoes though)

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