Talktomyshoes Presents: Top 10 Shoe Moments of 2011

Day 2 of blogging each day for a year! Here we go.

Looking back, 2011 had alot of ups and downs shoe-wise (but mostly ups by 4 inches or so). Because I try to be a plethora of happiness in general, I’m going to share with you some of the ups- in no particular order. The following was an incredibly tough decision:

Talktomyshoes’s Top 10 Shoe Moments of 2011:

The Rhinestone Bow Satin Pump by Valentino

Tucson Leather Riding Boot by Chloe

Carrie Bradshaw’s famous Lost Choo: Marlene from Jimmy Choo’s “Icons” collection.

Paris Byzantium inspired sandal by Chanel

Duma black leather bootie by Stella McCartney

Deja-vu by Christian Louboutin

Kurt Geiger’s “Elliot” for Duran Duran

Hot Rod Heels in black by Prada

Beaded Artifice Mix Sandals by Louis Vuitton

Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte

What were your favourite shoes in 2011?



6 thoughts on “Talktomyshoes Presents: Top 10 Shoe Moments of 2011

    • I adore the Valentino pair!!! When I hear the words ‘rhinestone and bows combined’ I think I’m about to witness some sort of disaster but this is anything but! Thankyou for stopping by talktomyshoes!

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