Personal Post: 2011 Highlights

Yesterday while I was frantically typing something to post and running to put my boots on I made a silly resolution to blog everyday. What a bad idea, I should delete what I typed but I think instead, I’m going to give it my best shot. And, because I am not back at work until the 9th, I have at least 8 days of blogging in a row ahead of me.

I haven’t done a personal post in quite a while so I figure I should. Some of my favourite moments of 2011 (that were captured on camera) in no particular order:

E played this crazy rockshow in the deepwoods of Quebec. I remember sitting with him, giggling at some french couple decked out in some ridiculous leather, head to toe in tassels. They were somebody’s inspiration- but not mine. Oh, and we drove the car on the side walk just like they do over there- trying to blend in, you know.

National Roundtable for Teacher Education in the Arts. Well I suppose it was a highlight as I worked my !!! off and it does look quite nice on my resume. Hello to all those ladies if you find yourself landed on this particular page!

Lets just say: Why have one degree when you can have two? Thats what teachers look like when they first become teachers, smiley and ready to stomp the competition. That is also what my dad looks like when he is holding yet another one of my expensive pieces of paper.

Once upon a Canada day, Will and Kate were so excited to see me. Look at Kate’s smile. Thats a smile right at me, we had an entire telepathic conversation about “I like your shoes” and “Does my hair look O.K.?” And yes, T and I were close, coulda licked them.

At sometime E got his pilots license. So maybe this should be more of him (you can see his arm through the window). Why is this a highlight for me you ask? Well, I’m obviously proud. And this is the type of smile I have when I’m back on the ground again. I’m not an amazing flyer but I’m getting some practice!

Speaking of boy and why I’m proud, this is certainly another reason. I always love summers in Ottawa, the brutal humidity, the amazing sunburns, and watching E when I can in the mornings, Poptarts and Booster Juice in hand.

My aunt and uncle came all the way out from Calgary to try the impossible: visit every museum the city has in only a few days. Well that didn’t quite happen because Ottawa actually has hundreds of museums but they went to the big ones. Oh yeah, they also came to visit my face too! This is us, at a museum.

As a teacher, marking page after page occasionally becomes tedious. It is moments like this when each checkmark and papercut is totally worth it.

I spent my Christmas just outside Scottsdale AZ, in Fountain Hills. This is part of the view from the backyard of the new house and this is the cactus that I had pizza and baileys (at separate times) with. We had long and deep conversations too. It was a great trip- more to come on that later.


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