Scottsdale Fashion Square: Where Happy Accidents Happen

Excuse my MIA, along with many of my fellow bloggers, I have been taking a bit of a break from the online world to relax and enjoy some time over the holidays with family. Fountain Hills has been great, Casey (puppy who is co-writing this entry, stepping on my keyboard every so often) and I have been together nearly every moment, each time I go out for food I taste the best guacamole I’ve ever had- each bowl better than the last, and, this morning I had pizza with a cactus. I think I’m doing quite well.

I’m also doing quite well as I stopped by Fashion Square (my favourite) on Boxing Day, which was great as Boxing Day does not exist in the States. Regardless of mad sales or not, the mall was nuts and my mom and I creepily followed an elderly lady around the Dillards parkinglot waiting to grab her parking spot.

Skipping over the story of scoping out stores, Starbucks, folks with silly accents, and exercising my Visa card, this is how my adventure ended: a pair of Abel shoes by Jimmy Choo. New in Klein Blue (and bright fuschia) for Cruise ’12, I am pretty damn thrilled to be able to wear these on my feet. The leather is stunning and this image is honestly such an understatement of the shoes pure glory. Between the colour popping and complimenting my flowered foot, the mega thin and chic stiletto and the fact that I never wanted to take them off again, I knew immediately that these shoes were mine.

Today is my last full day before I head back up to the Great White North, stay posted for a few more desert adventures and finds to come.



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