Talktomyshoes Holiday Gift Guide 2011

I know that I have sucked lately at keeping up with the gift guide however if I tell you what I have been up to, is quite understandable that I have been unable to post over the past few days.  I have managed to finish my Christmas shopping, learn 10 arrangements for carols on short notice, clean my apartment, survive a sinus infection and laryngitis and head south to Fountain Hills, AZ all within the last week. Not to mention that I was delayed in Toronto for over 3 hours, and have been on the go wrapping gifts and scamming free dessert ever since I landed in the states.

Christmas in the desert is certainly different so far. It is Christmas eve and I just came in from watching a herd of baby Javelina’s roam the golf course from the hot tub in the backyard. It may not be such a huge deal for some of you readers but really, for this Canadian, I’ve not once dared to prance around in a swimsuit on the 24th of December. And the best thing is, most locals that I speak to here are certain that it is cold outside. Muahahaha! I think I should do this again. All adventure aside, for a personal post or two in the near future.

As it is sunny and 15 degrees here today, I suppose it is natural for me, being me to be dreaming of this type of footwear. I am just HOOKED on moon boots. I am refusing to leave this country where you can buy a gun in Walmart and the drivers are worse than the Quebecois, until I have a pair on my feet.

So introducing to you, as the long awaited final day of the gift guide, my favourite moonboots (aside from the Jimmy Choo’s I shared a while ago):

The reoccurance of my madness for moonboots was initially triggered when I spotted these moonboots from Marc by Marc Jacobs. I am just so hooked on ski-chic for the winter and as a northerner you really shouldn’t be surprised. I am just loving the simplicity and the endless versatility of this pair.

Moonboots are obviously a boot exclusively for non-lame people. This pair from Pucci certainly says so. If I could, I definitely would. Trips to the Fashion Square are coming and I just might.

I’ve seen this pair by Dior in a bunch of colours. I picked this pair in particular as I am so partial to the pretty sheen that the grey gives off. I also like how in your face the Dior name is- not that every designer has to have its name stamped blatantly across the products face. I like these because they kind of tell everyone who sees you rocking them “Because I can”

Moon Boots were originally introduced in the 1970’s by Tecnica. It’s great to have vintage, but it is also great to be aware that Tecnica still makes these wicked boots available. Moon Boots originally were made without a distinct left or right foot. Hilarious, no?

Anyway, I’m going to aim for another update in the near future as I gather pictures from my trip. Look forward to two half-pound peanut butter cups (not shitting you), the new place and more.

Merry Christmas from me, to you and yours.


3 thoughts on “Talktomyshoes Holiday Gift Guide 2011

  1. Merry Christmas to you too. Thanks for all your wonderful stories and postings. Have fun in Arizona. Think of me when you are at the Scottsdale Fashion Plaza, haha

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