Three Ass-Kicking Holiday Bags for the Season

They always said that in your first year of teaching you’re always sick. I didn’t want to believe it as I hate going to the doctor, am too busy and am generally a very healthy person. I exercise, I eat healthy and I get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Somehow, despite all of this, I seem to have been constantly sick, with a week off here and there, since September 6th. They also say that laryngitis (my latest battle. Try teaching the second grade without your voice, I dare you.) cannot be helped and that the only remedy is time. Well, I think I’m just going to tell laryngitis to suck it because I’m stuck with it now and I know for a fact that if I had any of these three clutches, my illness would be immediately cured.

My favourite clutches for the Holiday season thus far:

The Harry metal clutch bag from Reiss. Ever since the world decided that Kate Middleton is indeed a somebody the world has also decided that Reiss is a something too. Of course Reiss has always been wonderful, accessible and chic. This clutch for the season is obviously all of those things and more.

The Prada Paillettes clutch how do I love thee, let me count the ways… from infinity to infinity… Okay seriously, if you don’t love this bag, you are either a robot or someone I just could never get along with. This bag goes from laidback to chic instantly with its smooth and silky tiered paillettes. The colour is the epitome of the season and best yet, it reminds of all of our favourite under-water friend (not Free-Willy). No mermaids were injured in making this bag.

Of all three, this is easily and by far my alltime favourite. If I had an extra couple grand to throw around, I would seriously, without a doubt grab myself my very own Karlie clutch by Jason Wu. Inspired by the 25 year renovation of Versailles this flannel clutch is nothing short of opulence. If it were mine, which I wish it was, I would rock it with everything from cozy sweater dresses, ripped jeans to maybe even pajamas.


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