Talktomyshoes Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Days 12-14

Excuse the gift guide absence Monday and Tuesday but life outside the world of html and http and www. has taken over, as it probably should, especially at this time of year. I have officially made it through my slew of holiday parties, 2 dresses, 3 pairs of shoes, a scarf, stockings, a handful of different hairstyles and a jacket or two later. And now the gift guide may commence.

For your especially dirty or smelly friends, or those that you simply want to spoil (because I actually give these products to only those I feel are worthy), the Body Shop always has the best gifts. It’s probably as idiot proof as a Starbucks gift card- everyone wants one, its a sweet gift, and it (Starbucks included) smells like heaven. One of my favourite scents from the English based retailer has always been anything from the shea butter collection. It is ass kicking- and if you get the right set, ass scrubbing. If you’re a fool and don’t know this already, the Body Shop always releases lovely special scents around the holidays- think cranberry and ginger. A few years ago they released a special spiced apple collection and my mother and I both still can’t get it out of our heads. It truly was superb.

Another gift for him. Though he thinks he is easy to shop for, sometimes E is just impossible to buy for. Partly because it is impossible, mostly because I refuse to give anything but perfection and it usually leaves me in some sort of trouble. But anyway, cufflinks are an awesome gift. They are always especially extra classy and shows everyone that the man wearing them means business. I am head over heels for these airplane cufflinks from Tiffany &co. and you should be too.

Now this is something I’d like to give to myself more than anyone else. I have always loved the key pendants at Tiffany and can’t really think of anybody in the history of ever that wouldn’t love one too. I picked the octet pendant for the image, though, when it comes to Tiffany keys, they all are spectacular and come in so many unique styles. There is one suitable for every girl out there. The perfect gift. Besides, who wouldn’t want to open up one of those little blue boxes?

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