Talktomyshoes Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Day 9

Apologies for not writing yesterday. I came home late last evening beyond upset as a result of my non-hair dresser completely f-ing up my hair colour. If I have strawberry blonde hair, and want to have it touched up, I think it is easy for all of us to agree that I should not be walking home in tears with fake x-men red tresses. Fml. Anyway:

I saw this bag a while ago on one of the blogs I follow regularly, and I absolutely love it. I have yet to see it in my Zara store and honestly feel as though I will be forever waiting for that day to come. Regardless of whether I am able to snag one for myself or not, if you happen to come across one, I tell you now that there better be big-ass flashing lights going off.


Give the gift of sequins this holiday with a clutch (though found under ‘wallet’ at that is certainly on the list of “best clutches ever”. I find it so amusing how glitter and sequin crazy everyone is this season. Its as if everyone was previously walking around with their eyes closed trying to avoid the shine and then, like a solar eclipse, we realised that with the proper equipment it is possible to look at it, or, err, wear it.



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