Talktomyshoes Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Day 7

Many forget that during the holidays, the gift giving isn’t just limited to humans… and though I pretend Casey is my little brother, a furry 24lb little person with a moustache and collar, I hear my Grandma chirping me in the back of my head telling me there is no way he shares my last name. Disregarding what Grandma says, Casey is family and we are closer than most of my relatives who share the same surname. Gift giving isn’t just for people, it is for puppies too.

Now, unfortunately, Casey is too much of a man to wear anything like this, but I think its too cute not to pass up. The best thing about the Fairisle sweater by Juicy Couture, is that it is also made for people like me (sans pom poms). I realise that dressing up your pet is often tacky and tasteless, and matching your animal is even worse; but some how I am almost willing to make an exception.

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