You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry, Better Not Pout I’m Telling You Why: Versace Making Watches, For Me!

Occasionally I go absolute bonkers over items other than shoes. Sweaters and scarves, earrings (yet I never seem to really branch out) and lately, watches.

I received my first watch ever for Christmas when I was about yay big, probably in grade 4ish. It was blue and white analog and I managed to let it get very dirty and eventually break. 2 years later, while hanging about in Switzerland one summer (because apparently I did that sort of thing when I was 12) my dad bought me my very own Swatch watch. It was massive, hot pink, and when you pressed the button on the top right side of the face, it showed a little clip of a cartoon dog doing its business. For some reason the Swiss found it an appropriate feature for a watch, had this 12 year old Canadian girl stoked, and proceeded to wear it every day until I realised that it was just unnecessarily huge.

Anyway, you don’t really have to know, or probably don’t care about on and off history of wearing watches. Right now I have three that I love. I recently bought E one by Fossil for his birthday that is gorgeous and now I find that I’ve been thinking about them alot. In particular, I’ve been thinking about these ones….

Can you blame me?

Swiss quartz movement – Stainless steel case with white pavé diamonds – Outer rotating ring with light pink pavé sapphires – White mother of pearl dial with Medusa head and 4 diamonds on indexes – Pink genuine alligator strap.

Swiss quartz movement stainless steel case outside case with “clous de paris” decoration 70 amethysts (ct. 2.0) on the see through white mother of pearl dial violet genuine lizard strap.

Swiss quartz chrono movement iprg top ring with “paraiba” topaz pavé (n° 128) white ceramic case 43,5 mm yellow enamel dial turquoise alligator round scales pattern strap…


2 thoughts on “You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry, Better Not Pout I’m Telling You Why: Versace Making Watches, For Me!

  1. This article takes me back to my own childhood. Every year without fail, my mom bought my sister and I a guess watch. Everywhere we went people would compliment us on our watches. Hey, what time is it? Time to get myself a new watch. Or, I can always keep with tradition and have someone buy me a new watch. I’m lovin’ your blog. Glad we found each other!

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