Kurt Geiger: Lethal Shoes for Duran Duran

E and I both have an affinity for 80’s music. Yesterday was his birthday and as we drove to the pub it was made clear that we were to listen to 80’s on 8. It was also clear that we were the only two members of the vehicle thoroughly enjoying the tunes. When the two of us are driving around, it is likely that we can be caught listening to a song that is 20some years old, enjoying it as if it was the newest thing to hit the airwaves.

Formed back in ’78, Duran Duran has continued to maintain a grasp of the music industry and somehow, I feel, has remained extremely underrated. I am thrilled this crisp Saturday afternoon to share with you one of those pivotal moments in fashion and music where the two arts are combined to compliment the other. (You know I despise the fact that there are those twits out there that feel that music IS fashion. I just wish that Wagner or Schoenberg would come back from the dead and kick their asses to kingdom come.) Anyway..

Duran Duran’s “Girl Panic” vid has some pretty huge names- Naomi Campbell (as lead singer Simon Le Bon), Helena Christensen (Roger Taylor), Eva Herzigova (Nick Rhodes), Cindy Crawford (John Taylor) and Yasmin Le Bon who was keen to point out that she is not a member of Duran Duran. Why not have the band direct a video where the original super models go for a romp around London?

The making of the “Girl Panic” video. Proof that some things will just never go out of style:

Kurt Geiger designed these dangerous heels inspired by Duran Duran. “View to a Kill” is covered in Swarovski crystal and is complete with a stiletto so thin I am sure it is too lethal to take on an airplane. The cut of the shoe itself is not so lethal- simple flowing lines, a toe so pointy people on the street protect their shins… All in all the perfect shoe, completely 80’s inspired in that dark, glammed up way minus the shoulder pads. Hungry like a Wolf over these for sure!

Anyway, check out the final video- if you aren’t a fan of the song, you get to watch the ex-models romp around in skivvies. If you don’t like the models…. turn off your monitor and take the moment to rock out on your couch or chair to a fab tune.


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