Colour Blocking for Fall: Zara Cap-Toe Ankle Boot

These stupid stupid shoes are really not stupid at all. Let me explain:

Once upon a time, about a month ago, give or take, I saw these shoes while waltzing through Zara and they certainly made me smile. At first I thought they were a little silly, in a trying hard but really fashionable make you think twice sort of way. But then, I couldn’t keep my mind off of them. I went back just to touch them, and to look at the price tag- reasonable. I went back to check again. And again. And again. And again but alas- they seized to exist, as many fabulous pieces from Zara tend to do after a while. It was only then that I was sure and felt that ache towards them, wishing I could feel them on the soles of my feet, under me and with me as I listen to children argue and run around all day at work. Basically, all I really am saying is that I friggin’ adore these and wish I made the move while I had the chance. A lesson well learnt really. And may this be a lesson to you as well dear reader: when you love a piece of footwear, a sweater or anything, you should go for it to avoid the same sleepless nights that I’ll now face, sole-less without these shoes.

Happy Friday eve, eve!



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