The Return of the Lost Choo

I want You to tell me, how Jimmy Choo can create a shoe closely reflective of the “Don’t you put it in your mouth” commercial that is still more stunningly beautiful than the last pair of JC’s I ogled over? Well there are many answers but if you ask me, it is simply because as I have stated numerous times before, Jimmy Choo does no wrong. Jimmy Choo (Tamara Mellon) is like a patron saint of shoes, up there with Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik; creating and designing away, picking my brain and finding new ways to kick my ass (in a 5 inch stiletto of course). Last Cruise season (2011) Choo kicked my ass and displayed some wild colours and wild prints- zebra print/snakeskin textured totes spattered in every bright colour you could ever imagine (Mine! heeheehee!) Now, the shoes in the new Icons collection are not really new, but severely ass-kicking: redone iconic Choo’s released because people like myself cannot get enough.

I chose these two pairs of Marlene shoes to introduce the collection because of their details… and fame. Above, I obviously just love the colours, but if you look closer at the detailing we’re talking about crystals and hand applied feathers (couture shoes!!). And the feathers in the pair to the right- not just black, look closely at the colours reflected, kind of like the inside of a seashell on a feather. I’m loving it.

What once was “Feather”, made famous as Carrie Bradshaw’s lost Choo in Sex and the City is finally re-released. I am beyond thrilled about the Icons collection and I certainly hope that you are too.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Oh, and pee-ess: Don’t you put it in your mouth!


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