J’adore Dior. Really, I Mean It.

In the talktomyshoes secret underground HQ you would find two unnecessarily large classic DIOR posters in the master bedroom. I have 1 because it is awesome, and the other simply because I can. They are certainly the best pieces of art to sleep under and wake up to, to look at while I do my hair, spray on perfume, fold my clothes or anything else for that matter. Why? Because its Dior. J’adore Dior. Obviously.

After what has felt like sort of a dry run on talktomyshoes in the past few weeks (damn you reportcards) I decided to take a break from life itself and browse one of my only weaknesses online at the Dior website.

These, not released too long ago are currently my latest infatuation.

You see why? If you don’t, you must have severe issues. Just a simple shoe with a classic powdery pink shade and black detail. Yet alas, I am smitten and feel the agony and yearning of love all over again (don’t worry E, I still love you too!) These shoes are really just shit your pants wonderful. The subtle stitching clearly tells you who this design belongs to, there is nothing new or in your face about the shoe itself, yet would set your eye on the accessory longer than almost any other piece of footwear. These are princess shoes, and I want to wear them with red pants.

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