Stella McCartney Marisol Flat Pumps

Let me ask you this, how does one manage to feel sick (to varying degrees) for about 3 weeks? What a pain in my ass… err, I mean, head. If I’m not feverish, I am consistently stuffy in my head, if I am not stuffy in my head then I am congested in my chest. I am so looking forward to the extra hour of sleep this weekend- I am hoping that is my cure.

Anyway, a little Stella McCartney to make my day better (though today is going to be wonderful as I am going to hem some pants, hunt for christmas sheet music and go on a hot date to the hockey game with E tonight. So stoked).

If you know me at all, you would probably know that from the pattern to the shade, these Marisol Flat Pumps are totally, 110% me.


6 thoughts on “Stella McCartney Marisol Flat Pumps

  1. Hope your extra hour of sleep helps cure your cold. I’m in about week #3 of trying to shake my cold as well. Enough about our health, let’s talk flats! Nice find. Like you said both the shade and pattern are 110% you. I’m sure you’ll look fantastic wearing them. I really really like them but I’m not sure I could get away wearing them. I can always dream though.

    Sadly my flats season came to a quick end a couple days ago with a couple centimeters of snow and minus temperatures. I have seen a few women wearing socks with flats but I just can’t bring myself to doing that.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Hey!!! It is so wonderful to hear from you! I was wondering what you’d think of these shoes! I don’t own them yet but am definitely working on it…
      I heard about the snow out west… I saw pictures. As exciting as it is, it is a bit too early.
      It’s been getting colder here.. I’ve been guilty once or twice to wearing socks with flats (just black ones with black flats) to work and feel really dorky doing it. Anything exciting in store for you boot-wise?
      Hope you’re feeling much better- it seems like everyone is sick!


  2. Hi, hope everything is good. I’ve taken a break from the cooler weather out West and headed South to sunny Arizona. I was at the Chandler Fashion Plaza yesterday where I tried on some pretty cool flats at both dillards and Nordstroms. I asked the sales girl at Nordstroms if they carry Tory Burch. She told me only the Nordstroms at Scottsdale Fashion Plaza did. So what can I say. I’m heading there today. There’s also a Michael Kors and Tory Burch stores there as well (I’m sure you knew that, Haha) It might be time for my first pair of TB. I’ll keep you posted

    • Too funny! I’m headed down to Scottsdale for the holidays- hope you have a great time down there. Hope you grab a pair of TB’s!!
      Fashion Plaza Scottsdale is one of my favourite places EVER!

  3. I love the Scottsdale Fashion Plaza too. It’s just so different from home. I guess you’ll be flying down with an empty suitcase, haha. I was so funny walking around there yesterday. You can pretty much pick out the locals compared to the tourist. Tourist had on shorts and casual clothes, the locals (mostly women) were dressed to the 9’s. During my 4 hours there I must have seen 35 women with Tory Burch flats of one style or another. Nordstroms, Neimun Marcus and Tory Burch all carry the Reva’s and after checking them all out I took another major leap in the ballet flats world. Yup, Tory Burch black patent reva flats from Tory Burch. The sales lady was awesome. I think I’m going back there this weekend. Here’s my new TB’s

  4. Opps! I just read what I wrote. In the second line I ment to say “it was so funny” not “I was so funny” Big smile for you.

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