All That Glitters is… Miu Miu Pumps

If you have been living anywhere but under a rock this past season, you would be well aware that Miu Miu’s glitter pumps have been a pretty big deal. Err, make that a huge deal. I have seen them featured in countless magazines, fashion blogs, street fashion, online, and everywhere in between. This being said, I am not going to write about them. We already know that they are the next wonder of the world, up there with the Great Wall and Stonehenge. We also know that if there is anyone out there who does glitter right, it is Miuccia Prada who launched the name back in 1992. Forget Steve Madden creating silver glitter boots (that are surprisingly cute) and the cheapy crap at Forever 21. Miu Miu does glitter right. Thus, I must continue.

Following the glitter pumps, aka the shoe of the season, is just a simple pump. A simple glittery pump, and I must say, if you do not love them, I deem that you have no soul.

O-U-I! I have read countless reviews, one stating that “These are better than any Louboutin” (I believe that is a little blasphemous but everyone has their opinion). I think that it is a little far fetched, but I would never deny such a shoe of all the glory that it deserves. It is a feat on its own that I admire the orange pair nearly as much as the soft pink; despite the fact that orange in general just makes me cringe- which I owe you another explanation at another time.

Anyway, that pink, that glitter, that shoe, I am just as head over heels for this pair as I am for Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl.

So what do you think? I believe that it is an ‘over the top’ that somehow can work with just about anything. I’m giving the folks over at Miu Miu a standing ovation- Vienna Opera House style.


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