The Hunt is Over: Zara Brogue Ankle Boot

Wooooohoooo!!! The extremely long hunt for ‘the perfect oxford’ had evolved into the hunt for ‘the perfect oxford wedge’ which proved to be near impossible to find. It took so long that I had, for some time, put that particular search back on the shelf until one day, a few weeks ago I spotted what I was looking for. My perfect oxford wedge on the feet of a girl standing infront of me at Timothy’s one morning, grabbing a coffee before we parted ways to head to work. It was incredibly taunting, and funnily enough, I commented to her about her jacket (MK) instead. After such a sighting my faith was restored and the hunt resumed in full force both online and in the lame-ass shopping ‘hotspots’ in the streets of Ottawa. Le Sigh.

After much ado I found them online on Zara’s website. Go f-ing figure. I felt excited and yet slapped in the face. All that searching for something simply at Zara? Well, after scoping out the situation at my local Z, I found out that all that ado was about nothing. Nothing. No stock. The girl there had no idea what I was talking about. So much for hiring someone that loves the product but that is a different story. I was truly happy to find them online, but I do admit, mildly disappointed that I wasn’t forcing myself to invest in a piece of Stuart Weitzman or something a little more classic and chic than Zara. I’m not complaining about a good price and accessible find. I’m just throwing my thoughts out there…


Anyway, the point is, I have finally won (last pair suckas!) My Wedge Brogue Ankle Boots are sitting in my room waiting for my feet tomorrow early morning. My black skinny jeans and my sandy linen sweater are patiently waiting to accompany them as well. What a great way to end a day that involved keeping 6 children in from recess. Every day has its ups. I doubt tomorrow they (the shoes, not the children) will be incredibly comfortable but that can always change with the power of insoles. I’ll pay that price for reasonably priced and great looking feet.

What shoes are you wearing tomorrow?


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