Valentino Spring 2012: A New Take on the Princess Braid

I just wanted to take a quick moment to share with you something non shoe related *gasp* (I know) that I saw on the Valentino runway, love, and think it needs much more attention than it is receiving. Valentino runway hair Spring 2012- check it out:

Gorgeous right? I love wearing braids in my hair and cannot wait to try out this look (especially as I wear my hair up all the time at work because I am absolutely terrified of the occupational hazard that includes little critters in your hair… SO. Disgusting.) I’m a fan of double french braids into a messy bun, braiding my fringe, the ‘Blair Waldorf Braid’ aka the waterfall french braid; I love them all. Anyway, I’ve always been fond of how effortlessly chic braids are and the trillion variations of the look, thus it is only natural that I want to try out this romantic up-do as well.

So how is it done?

Alot more simpler than it looks. I promise.
1) Take a circular section of hair from the crown of your head and french braid this section towards the top of your right ear.

2) Grab the bottom section of your hair and french braid in a counter-clockwise direction. Continue to braid your hair round the top of your head until you have come full circle.

3) Be sure to pin into place your braid to keep it from falling out or looking like a disaster. To avoid looking too perfecty, pull out a few strands near the front or around your hairline for a “Yeah, I have sweet hair but I didn’t really try that hard” look.

4) Rock your hair-do like you’re on the Valentino runway. Or like a princess.

What do you think? Itching to try it or too much effort?

ps- wow that blonde model totally looks like Emma Watson. And 14 years old.


5 thoughts on “Valentino Spring 2012: A New Take on the Princess Braid

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