Ski-Chic Done Right: Because Jimmy Choo Does Everything Right

When it comes to winter footwear I find that the style is only reinvented so many times, think about it: Uggs, Sorrels, army-influenced leather boots… &c. Limited creativity as a result of limiting condition. Now I know alot of you readers would love to disagree, but I’m talking about winter here. Not the sissy kind of winter you get in New York, or Seattle, almost anywhere in Europe and so on, I’m talking about Canadian winter: freeze your skin till you’re in pain, 8ft of snow on the ground and its still coming down, goose-down jackets as a necessity, so cold your eyelashes ice together, chilled to the bone, walk to the outdoor rink for a game of hockey type of winter. That being said, real winter fashion is what I’m addressing here, no stilettos in a snowbank lined with black ice.

When I saw these boots I became SO stoked, as I am in need of a new pair this year. Jimmy Choo shows us the 70’s done right with their Moon Boots for f/w 2011. F yeah! Brought up to date with modern lines, colours (also available in black and leopard print pony hair) and materials, one of my truest loves, Jimmy Choo, demonstrates to the world ski-chic done right. With luxe-suede, patent rim and gold hardware, I may just not care as much when the weather dips down to a lovely -40C.

I am so pumped as I write this article, I am seriously about to run over to Holt’s in my Calgary Flames jammies to see if I can get my hands on a pair. *Le sigh* They might be over $600 but I think I’ve convinced myself that I cannot live without them. Shit. What have I done to myself?
What will you be wearing on your feet this winter?

For more Jimmy Choo, click here.


5 thoughts on “Ski-Chic Done Right: Because Jimmy Choo Does Everything Right

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